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My Life Is An Everyday Living Hell...

2009-01-23 21:36:27 by MahakoVangeddon

Hey, i'm sorta new here at newgrounds... and i'm also kinda new at using Flash. If anyone could give me any advice or assistance, please comment or PM me. I've started storyboarding for my first flash animation, called "My Life is an Everyday Living Hell!", which is an animation on my life as an Eigth-grader. I'm not kidding though when i say this though, because things are a little.... f**ked up around here. You'll see once i get it done with, which won't be soon... i'm great at procrastinating.
So if anyone would help me with lessons in flash, it would be greatly appericiated.


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2009-01-23 22:04:03

You should check out the Tutorials section of NG. There's a lot of useful tips to pick up there.