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Woot! Finally have an idea for a Flash Series!

2010-05-13 07:06:49 by MahakoVangeddon

Hello all, I know my last post was like last year with a promise for a series... well... that didn't go so well, as my animation and drawing skills sucked. So as for now... here is my plans for a new project. This new series, which I haven't gotten a title for yet, is going to be about a completely random story that has no point whatsoever, and all the characters are going to be based off my friends and I, as well as some characters I've come up with throughout my life. Hope you all will like it, I'll probably post up my character designs onto the art portal eventually so you get a sneak peek at some stuff. And before you say anything about them, yes, they are really cartoony anime like style. Deal with it, it's the way I've learned to draw. DX


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